TX License to Carry Class

LTC Eligibility

New TX Laws 2016

How to Apply with the State 

Before starting the registration process please review the state's Eligibility Requirements to determine if you can qualify for a Concealed Handgun License. This link takes you to the State of Texas requirements which must be met to get your Concealed Carry Permit. Please review these before signing up for my class.

Applying for the License

There are two steps to the application process, taking a certified training course and completing the State application. These can be done concurrent; you can do either one first however the fast track in this process is to apply to the State before taking our course as the Federal background check takes the most time in the process. get your state application submitted on-line, get your electronic fingerprints done than come and enjoy our course.

After passing our training course and submitting the on line State Application it will take approx. 60-90 days for the State to send you your license so the sooner you take the course and get your paperwork processed the better.

Concealed Handgun Licensing

License fee paid to the State of Texas is $140. People 60 or over get this for half price $70.00. There are other price breaks so check on the State web site as these are subject to change.

The online State application may be found at CHL Application .

You have one year from the date of your application to complete your fingerprint appointment and submit the CHL-100 Class Completion Certificate which we will give you after the successfully completed our course.
Fingerprints: As of March 1, 2011  per a Texas DPS Policy change.  Your fingerprints must be taken electronically at a State approved agency.  When applying for the State application you will be directed where to go for your fingerprints.
Photos: The Texas DPS recently changed their requirements regarding passport photos for your Concealed Handgun License (CHL). Applicants are required to use the photo on their Texas Drivers License instead of submitting new photos. Unless you have a out of state driver's license

Take our Training Course
  1.  This includes a written examination and a shooting practical. You must pass each with a score of 70% or better.
    1. The written exam covers law, nonviolent conflict resolution, and handgun use and storage. 
    2. The shooting practical requires you to fire fifty rounds from a handgun of .38 caliber or greater. You can shoot either a Semi-automatic or a revolver. 
  2. After you pass both tests the instructor will give you a copy of your Form CHL-100, which you must sign. You will be given one of form to mail  to the state and one to keep. 
Important: Submitting your application by mail (on paper) requires certain documents to be notarized and will delay application processing. It is best to submit the State application in-line.