We are based in Austin, TX and are proud to be serving the Licensed Carry needs of Central Texas.  This is the school to attend for the most value when getting your concealed Carry License for Texas. Our small instructor-to-student ratio helps set my class apart from others as we can give individual attention to your concerns. 
We are about presenting quality instruction in a safe relaxed learning environment.  We will instill the confidence that you understand the legal and psychological ramifications in the carrying of a firearm. We strive to produce a safe and competent
individual who will have the skills and knowledge of the law to employ a firearm when justified. This results in a client who feels more confident in carrying a firearm in public.

Classes offered:

Firearm Safety in the Home and Range  Free
Firearms on the Range $50.00 + Range Fee
Texas LTC Class (Individual) $70.00 + Range Fee
Texas LTC Class for Couples or Buddies
$110.00 for two + Range Fees
Save $30.00


Next Class Dates:

Register for a class by sending a email indicating the class date you would like, and your Driver's License number so we can commence our paperwork.

Pay on the date you attend the Class.


Ken Jolly
DPS Certified TX CHL Instructor #6046350
NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

Author of:

In Defense of the Family

Tactical Pistol

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    Contributing author for the Texas Concealed Handgun Assoc Newsletter
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